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Continuing the Marvel streak, Mike and Greg launch into a discussion about the Claremont/Miller Wolverine mini-series, having just revisited the work for the first time in years. Does it still hold up? What works? What doesn’t? Is Logan dancing a jig in a bar while holding a man five times his size over his head?

It goes without saying that these four issues cemented in the eyes of an entire generation of readers what was cool about Wolverine, Marvel, and comics in general. But what unholy terror of shortcuts did this work unleash upon the superstar artists of the “future”?

Plus, we compare/contrast Miller’s issues with the Paul Smith Uncanny X-Men issues that immediately follow them. Why did Storm go punk so quickly? What did Claremont and Miller do completely backwards that worked out so well? And why did a series literally built on evolution stop evolving so long ago, and who’s to blame?

Also, Greg takes a minute to ask the listeners to consider helping out Stan (Usagi Yojimbo) Sakai and his wife Sharon in their time of need by contributing to the CAPS campaign/art auction set up for their benefit.

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