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Sep 4, 2014

We're rolling into Baltimore Comicon weekend with this double-shot of interviews! First up, Greg sits down with SPX video interviewers Rusty Rowley and Joe Mochove at a local Starbucks to get some insight on NEXT week's big comic event: the Small Press Expo.  Joe and Rusty have been involved with the show, from either side of the table, almost since its inception, so they have tons of stories to tell. Find out what comic creator Joe was repeatedly mistaken for, which editor almost took comics off Rusty's body with their teeth, just what the Sam Hill toe-shoes are, and why random bursts of chaos can turn good interviews into fantastic ones. Learn everything you need to know about SPX and more right here!

Following that, Greg got a chance to speak with Jorg Tittel about his graphic novel hitting shelves this week: Ricky Rouse Has A Gun. Described as Die Hard in a Chinese knockoff amusement park, Jorg gets a chance to play up some themes of cultural assimilation in between burst of gunfire and massive explosions. Talk then shifts over to the Ricky Rouse music video, Tittel's other film work, and what's next on the horizon for the writer/filmmaker. Spoiler alert: more comics!

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