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Sep 5, 2017

Another month, another “Previews” catalog to dissect! As always, Mike & Greg start things off with the diverse Green section, also known as the largest section of the book. What's coming to comic shops in November that catches the lads’ fancies? Charles Burns! Battle Angel Alita! Paul Kirchner! Double shots of Forsman with a Fiffe chaser! Scott Morse! Fence! Bond! Tank Girl! All that, plus what the hell is up with Boundless (seriously, we're asking here…), ranking the hierarchy of sins from sex to drugs to violence, which epic-lengthed Adam Hughes series is finally collected, Art Clokey’s masterpiece (that's Gumby, dammit!), the Tao of Tanks, a property crossover so obvious we're stunned to be stunned by it, and more. Definitely something for everyone in the top half of this two-part “Previews” walkthrough!

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