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Mar 2, 2017

Another “Previews” in the pullbox means another look into our comics future! With focus shifting to the Premier section, what impending April 2017 releases catch Mike & Greg’s fancy (Or Brian and Samuel, since Mike was still on sabbatical at the time of recording)? The seemingly infinite gauntlet of comics talk starts with Marvel Comics again this month, as Samuel has some thoughts about the House of Ideas that just can't wait til episode end. Feel like you need a roadmap to follow the all-new rEvolutions going on now in the 616? Is it even called the 616 anymore? You're in luck, because that roadmap is solicited this month, and gets discussed here as well. So come for the Marvel talk, the DC chat, the Dark Horse dish, the IDW gabfest, and stay for the Jim Rugg at Image discussion! Definitively something for everyone in part two of this encompassing look at February’s “Previews” catalog!

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