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Feb 9, 2017

Two different comics conversations on today's episode! First up, the creative team of the upcoming Image OGN "Afar": artist Kit Seaton and writer Leila del Duca. If one of those names sounds familiar, it's because del Duca is also the artist on "Shutter" with writer Joe Keatinge and is making her writing debut with this book. Seaton is the lower-profile of the two right now, but once fans get a look at "Afar", the SCAD professor will be a name one everyone's mind. Greg talked to the duo about their science-fiction story, the difficulties in maintaining the balance between strange and relate-able, influences, work processes, and just what to do when someone jimmies the lock on your bedroom door with a steak knife in the middle of the night.

Following that is a chat with comics-multihyphenate Christina Blanch. Between her work as a retailer (Aw Yeah Muncie), writer ("The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood"), educator (Super MOOC), and panel moderator, Blanch has spent a life firmly and unapologetically rooted in pop culture. Like her interests, the conversation covers a lot of ground, including what it's like being a retailer in today's comics market, the differences between stocking an LCS and setting a syllabus, the connection between Dr. Indiana Jones and Dr. Christina Blanch, surviving 2016, and what we can already do to make 2017 better.

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