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Mar 3, 2016

Another Previews catalog showed up on their doorsteps, so it’s time to gaze into the tomorrow of May 2016 and see what catches Mike and Greg’s fancy. Titan! Alternative Comics (again, just the publisher)! Cinema Purgatorio! Civil War II! Marvel Covers! Valiant in the year 4001! Kaijumax Season 2! Viz art books and recolored editions! Golden Age omnibi! Comic Book Fever!

All that, plus what DC books Greg has discovered he loves (to the chagrin of one of Multiversity’s DC3), Mike’s recommendation for picking up Noah van Sciver’s work, Civil War I v Civil War II, the shambling return of Archie & Sabrina, how The Black Dahlia picked up David Fincher on its way back home from France, and much more!

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