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Oct 8, 2015

Today we have the second of two episodes with Greg's interviews from the recent Baltimore Comic-Con. Lots of comics talk with creators representing both coasts in this one, but there's no East Coast/West Coast beefing here; just good comic booking.

Things kick off with cartoonist Jeff Parker. We talk a little Flash Gordon, some editorial hijinx on his recent Shazam mini, why everyone thought Doc Shaner owed him an apology, how Sandy Jarrell draws such believable teenagers, and just what Parker's role at Periscope Studios really is. Apparently a lot of TV watching and goofing off is involved.

Next comes the Portland-based artistic team of Dan Schkade and Brennan Wagner. Dan's name popped up in my last talk with Brennan, but now we get to hear from them both in stereo. We cover Dan's recent work on The Spirit, some of his influences and philosophies, and which 90's X-Man would be their choice for a career & character-defining run.

Finally we jet on over to Brooklyn (aka the other side of the convention floor) and check in with Christa Cassano, Gregory Benton, Dean Haspiel, and Chris Miskiewicz of Hang Dai Studios. We talk new books, old work, Danish hospitality, the benefits of mixing influences, Seth Kushner, watercolors versus gouache, and more.

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