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Oct 1, 2015

Today we have the first of two episodes of Greg's interviews from the recent Baltimore Comic-Con. First up, he talked to writer Ed Krayewski about his comics work with an unlikely collaborator: his 82-year old father, Polish fine artist Andre Krayewski. Ed explains how creators from two different generations and disciplines have come together to make comics like none other on the market.

Then he managed to carve out some time to catch up with writer/letterer/editor Rachel Autumn Deering. The brain behind the Eisner- and Harvey-nominated horror anthology "In The Dark", Rachel is a perfect example of how hard work and diversifying your skill set can help make you successful in today's comics industry. This talk has a few surprise guests in it; their appearances were left them in the recording because it will help give you, the listener, a little glimpse into how freewheeling and unexpected these convention talks can be.

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