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Aug 13, 2015

Another Previews catalog showed up on their doorsteps, so it’s time to gaze into the tomorrow of October 2015 and see what catches Mike and Greg’s eyes. One-Punch Man! Claymore! Titan (not "Attack on...")! Iscariot! Robin: Son of Batman! Prez only getting a single term? Weirdworld! Kelley Jones on Spingebob! Lumberjanes! Magnetic Press's Love! The Maxx: Artist Edition! The Comic Book Story of Beer! Junji Ito's Cats! Alternative Comics (again...the publisher, not the category)! All that, plus some thoughts on the Morrison-led Heavy Metal's future, just what a Duncan Fregredo comic from 1990 would look like, whether or not there's a tipping point for Image Comics' line output, why Tim Drake had such a great set-up as Robin, the varying styles of small-a 'artist editions', and so much more!

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