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Jul 8, 2015

As part of their early SDCC announcements, Dark Horse Comics revealed that John Arcudi will be leaving "BPRD" after over a decade as the writer of the series. His tenure will wrap up with issue #147 as he closes out the "Hell on Earth" cycle that began back in 2010. John talks about coming to the decision, breaking the news to his collaborators, and how he's basically already turned in all of the scripts for the rest of the series.

From there the conversation looks ahead at John's work with artist James Harren on their Image series "Rumble." This August "Rumble" will kick off its second arc with a standalone story that can be read entirely on its own, but will also have an impact in issues to come. John talks about his fondness for the one-shot comics of yesterday, and how he hopes to capture some of their magic for himself. Plus: rumblings of a European translation (bad pun, couldn't help it!), the pitfalls of preciousness, learning from your collaborators, and more in today's episode!

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