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Apr 8, 2015

Another Previews catalog showed up on their doorsteps, so it’s time to gaze into the tomorrow of June 2015 and see what catches Mike and Greg’s eyes. Surprise offerings from American Gothic Press & Andrews McMeel! Archie #1! Strange Fruit! Junji Ito! Mike Zeck Artist Edition! Universal War One! Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service! Airboy! 8House! Toth’s Bravo for Adventure! Pope Hats! Magnetic Press! Humanoids! DC LOVE! Plus, the lads share cat manga series recommendations (that’s right, Greg has a manga recommendation for Mike), pondering about what could fish for children with a lollipop on the end of a line, heartfelt love for a surprisingly large chunk of DC’s post-Convergence output, why Adhouse Books is feared among artists having to table across from them at shows, multiple entries for Jeff Lemire & Tom Scioli product, why Secret Wars blew open the doors to Marvel’s vault of weirdness, which one of the hosts is really Jaimie Hewlett, and so much more is just a click/tap/swipe/press/whathaveyou away!

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